Saturday, October 25, 2008



by: Genrev07

An adventure to the vast vicinity of Riyadh’s famous “The Red Sand”. Known for its red and soft

powder like elements “Sand”. A God creation as I may say’ like one of Philippines Chocolate Hills in Bohol, there may be no grass covering the surface and trees to make it more earthly, but the fact that it is known for its red color sand that makes tourist wonders how it filled all its surroundings making the place different from the other neighboring mountains, indeed the excitement to tour the place is a fascinating experienced, not only of its beauty but with the other stuff you can do to explore Red Sand. We went there month of December winter days perfect time for strolling and adventures. There you can just take walk and feel the surface as well as its beauty which pleases my eyes or you can ride by a four wheels motorcycle rented along side of the road you have to make your choice anyway.

I choose to take the motorcycle co’z for me it would be fun joining other tourist enjoying their ride. As the wind gazes toward your face the split of different sound makes the whole place a racing tract joined together as others climbs every mountain top using bikes and some big wheel cars to, well that makes it more exciting exploring other things with the bikes. And not only that, while we’re so busy tripping all the place I went through this little accident that I guess part of my adventure, I could hardly see those mountains that are really not cone like perfectly shape as the others I run over the edge which doesn’t have the same elevation of A to Z ground, my bike thrown out to the air with me left behind and falls to the ground with the bike on top of me, hahaha!! Great isn’t it wow I just don’t believe that I never felt any bad feeling or pain, God must have been with me all throughout the day hahaha!. After which me and the other went on for a rest and while we were resting I’ve watch all over the place and when you look up towards the sky the beautiful scenery of heaven will flash upon your eyes, the feather like clouds the dazzling light which reflects beneath those feathers revealing those rainbow colours the sun that touches the ground and the whirling wind that kisses all things joined by the Red Sand which make you feel relax and unwind. Truly a great and splendid experienced a place to have fun and adventures there by called “The Red Sand”.

I would like to thank Genrev07 to wind up our Fun and adventure in Red Sand.

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